Home Away From Home

Everyone needs a place to hang their collar, even if it’s just for a little while! We offer a safe, comfortable and affordable environment for animals that must be away from their human companions.




Combination of twenty-six 3’ x 6’ runs & thirty-four suites ranging in size from 24” x 24” - 48” x  30". Both areas are heated and cooled. Two fenced yards are available for exercise.


Combination of six 21”x 27” suites and six 27”x 40” suites. A cat condo is also available in this area for exercise and playtime. Individual litter boxes and beds are placed in each suite.

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Your pet’s quarters are cleaned and sanitized at least twice a day. Our caring staff of animal care technicians is available throughout the day to maintain the cleanliness of each habitat.

We do not accept personal belongings (i.e. bedding, blankets, toys,) with your pet while they are here. We have a large supply of towels, blankets, beds, and toys that will be given to your pet and cleaned daily.


Advance reservations of 48 hours are requested for overnight stays. Please make reservations at least 60 days in advance for holidays. . A credit card number will be required to hold a Thanksgiving or a Christmas holiday stay. Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday stays carry a 14-day cancellation policy.

Vaccination Requirements:

Dogs:   DA2PP (Distemper/Parvo), Rabies, Bordetella, and Influenza

Cats:    FVRCP (Distemper) and Rabies

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**For your pet’s protection, he/she must have been vaccinated within the past year by a licensed veterinarian.  It is recommended that your dog has a fecal test and a heartworm test within past year, but not required to stay overnight.  If verification of vaccines cannot be made, your pet will be treated at your expense.**

Personality Profile: This document includes the details on what diet patient is on, how to feed, and note any food allergies as well as confirm contact numbers for you and your emergency contact. Please allow a few extra minutes at arrival to go over these necessary document(s).

**The Personality Profile Form cannot be found online. Since the information on this form frequently changes, we require you to review this form with one of our Animal Care Technicians upon arrival to each overnight stay.**


During their stay, your pet is always provided with fresh water. You can bring your pet’s diet from home, or we can feed our dry Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach (in both cat and dog formulas) free of charge. However, in the event of decreased appetite or stomach upset we may need to put your pet on a special diet for the remainder of their stay.  We make the decision to place your pet on a special diet at the discretion and recommendation of the doctor and will notify you when this is required. There will be charge to your account on a per can basis and additional cans can be provided if the doctor would like you to continue this diet at home.


Exercise and Relief Breaks:

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Cats: Cats are let out into the cat room on an individual basis or with other cats from their same family. During this time they can enjoy the clinic toys, play in the cat tree, or simply bask in the sun on the window sill. Our animal care technicians give personal attention and provide playtime 4x daily. During these times about Animal Care Technicians make sure their kennel and beds are clean and fresh.

Dogs:  Connected to our facility is a large fenced yard where dogs are let out to potty and play 4 times daily on weekdays and 3 times daily on weekends. Dogs are released into the yard on an individual basis or with other dogs from their family. If you want your dog to participate in doggie daycare play groups while staying with us, please inquire about the daycare release form when checking in. Our backyard is cleaned regularly and Animal Care Technicians give personal attention and provide playtime during these periods.

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As part of your check-in with the Animal Care Technician at drop-off, you are given the option to have our staff bathe your pet before departure. This service comes at an additional cost. Our baths include a head to toe shampoo and dry, plus a toe nail trim/dremmel and ear cleaning. Baths are typically done in the morning the day of departure, but if you are picking up on a Saturday, the bath will be done on Friday morning. If you request that your pet be bathed, your pet will be available for pick-up after 3:30 pm.

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We do ask you to limit your drop-offs and pick-ups for overnight stays to the following hours:

Monday – Friday: 7 am to 10 am and 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Saturday: 8 am to 11:30 am

Sundays: CLOSED

  This will allow us to provide the upmost in quality care and give your loved ones all of the attention they need and deserve while they are away from home. If you cannot coordinate your arrival or departure to the specific times, please simply let us know! We can accommodate pick up and drop-offs at any time during clinic business hours as long as you make prior arrangement with our staff.

When your pet returns home, please do not let him/her eat or drink excessively. This is common mistake and often causes stress related vomiting and/or diarrhea. Wait at least one hour before giving a small portion of food or water. We greatly appreciate you sharing your cat and dog family member with us. We really enjoy getting to know them

and sharing in all the fun and love they bring to us during their stay.  Thank you!!