Canine/Feline Senior Evaluation Specials

 We strongly believe that old age is not a disease but rather another stage of life. During this stage numerous diseases can develop and go undetected until fatal. Geriatric screenings will help to identify early stages of these diseases and provide an early intervention and often cure. By providing a more economical package, we hope to give all our special friends the highest level of care possible.  This package has a 25% discount off of the full cost!!

This evaluation will include:

A Physical Exam: An exam is the most important part of a senior evaluation and includes an assessment of all body systems to check for any abnormalities.

Comprehensive Blood Panel: This panel includes a CBC which allows us to take a look at white blood cell count, red blood cell count, and platelets. The CBC can tell us if your pet has an infection, clotting disorder, and even help with early detection of some cancers. It also includes a chemistry panel that allows us to monitor the function of your pet’s kidneys, liver, pancreas, and other organs. A thyroid hormone test is also included. Many animals suffer from underproduction or overproduction of thyroid hormone which can be the cause of obesity, hair loss, and many other significant problems.

Cardiac Pro BNP: With a simple blood draw, this test can help diagnose or rule out heart disease in canine and feline patients. This revolutionary new test also helps differentiate heart disease from heart failure, and respiratory disease from heart disease.

Complete Urinalysis: The urinalysis also provides information on kidney disease as well your pet’s general well being; including whether or not your pet has urinary crystals, a urinary tract infection, and diabetes.

Blood Pressure Check: An elevated blood pressure can cause problems such as blindness, and stress on the heart. The regulation of blood pressure is very important in animals with both kidney and heart disease.

ECG: This test can help with early detection of heart rhythm problems. This test is important, even in healthy animals, as it allows us to see how the heart is functioning electrically. This function can be affected by many diseases and even unbalanced electrolytes.

Tono-pen: This is painless, and allows us to check the pressure within your pet’s eyes. We are testing for conditions such as glaucoma, which can lead to blindness.

A-FAST: This abdominal ultrasound is a non-invasive process of using sound waves to gather images of a patient’s internal organs. A probe is used to press against the skin which direct pulses of high-frequency sound waves into the body. Ultrasound can help detect abnormalities in organs and determine if masses are present. We use a method called A-FAST which is a type of scan that looks at 4 areas to determine if fluid or masses are present. 


Each test listed aids in the diagnosis of many harmful diseases. Early diagnosis and treatment can delay the progression of the disease, as well as improve your pet’s quality of life.

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